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The prognostic significance of quantitative myocardial perfusion: an artificial intelligence–based approach using perfusion mapping

Authors: Kristopher D. Knott, MBBS Andreas Seraphim, MBBS Joao B. Augusto, MD Hui Xue, PhD Liza Chacko, MBBS Nay Aung, MBBS Steffen E. Petersen, DPhil Jackie A. Cooper, MSc Charlotte Manisty, PhD Anish N. Bhuva, MBBS Tushar Kotecha, MBChB Christos V. Bourantas, PhD Rhodri H. Davies, PhD Louise A.E. Brown, MBChB Sven Plein, PhD Marianna Fontana, PhD Peter Kellman, PhD James C. Moon MDInstitute of Cardiovascular Science, University College London, United Kingdom (K.D.K., A.S., J.B.A., L.C., C.M., A.N.B., T.K., C.V.B., R.H.D., M.F., J.C.M.).Barts Heart Centre, St Bartholomew’s Hospital, London, United Kingdom (K.D.K., A.S., J.B.A., N.A., S.E.P., C.M., A.N.B., C.V.B., R.H.D., J.C.M.).National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, National Institutes of Health, Department of Health and Human Services, Bethesda, MD (H.X., P.K.).Royal Free Hospital, London, United Kingdom (L.C., T.K., M.F.).William Harvey Research Institute, Queen Mary University of London, United Kingdom (N.A., S.E.P., J.A.C.).Department of Biomedical Imaging Science, Leeds Institute of Cardiovascular and Metabolic Medicine, University of Leeds, United Kingdom (L.A.E.B., S.P.).
Type: Article
Published: 14 February 2020, Circulation

Image-Based Cardiac Diagnosis With Machine Learning: A Review

Authors: Carlos Martin-Isla, Victor M. Campello, Cristian Izquierdo, Zahra Raisi-Estabragh, Bettina Baeßler, Steffen E. Petersen, and Karim Lekadir
Type: Article
Published: 24 January 2020, Front.Cardiovasc.Med

Inline perfusion mapping provides insights into the disease mechanism in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy

Authors: Claudia Camaioni, Kristopher D Knott, Joao B Augusto, Andreas Seraphim, Stefania Rosmini, Fabrizio Ricci, Redha Boubertakh, Hui Xue, Rebecca Hughes, Gaby Captur, Luis Rocha Lopes, Louise Anne Elizabeth Brown, Charlotte Manisty, Steffen Erhard Petersen, Sven Plein, Peter Kellman, Saidi A Mohiddin, James C Moon
Type: Article
Published: 10 December 2019, Heart Failure and Cardiomyopathies

Atrial Fibrillation Stratification Via Super-Resolution Analysis of Fibrillatory Waves

Authors: Saumitra Mishra, Sreehari Rammohan, Khalid Z. Rajab, Gurpreet Dhillon, Pier Lambiase, Ross Hunter, Elaine Chew
Type: Article
Published: 2019, Computing Cardiology

Atrial Fibrillation Stratification via Fibrillatory Wave Characterization Using the Filter Diagonalization Method

Authors: Saumitra Mishra, Sreehari Rammohan, Khalid Z. Rajab, Gurpreet Dhillon, Pier Lambiase, Ross Hunter, Elaine Chew
Type: Proceedings Paper
Published: 8-11th September 2019, Proceedings of the 2019 Computing in Cardiology (CinC)

Two-minute k-space and time–accelerated aortic four-dimensional flow MRI: dual-center study of feasibility and impact on velocity and wall shear stress quantification

Authors: Emilie Bollache, Kristopher D. Knott, Kelly Jarvis, Redha Boubertakh, Ryan Scott Dolan, Claudia Camaioni, Louise Collins, Paul Scully, Sydney Rabin, Thomas Treibel, James C. Carr, Pim van Ooij, Jeremy D. Collins, Julia Geiger, James C. Moon, Alex J. Barker, Steffen E. Petersen, Michael Markl
Type: Article
Published: 27 June 2019, Radiology: Cardiothoracic Imaging

Pulmonary blood volume index as a quantitative biomarker of haemodynamic congestion in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy

Authors: Fabrizio Ricci, Nay Aung, Ross Thomson, Redha Boubertakh, Claudia Camaioni, Sara Doimo, Mihir M Sanghvi, Kenneth Fung, Mohammed Y Khanji, Aaron Lee, James Malcolmson, Cesare Mantini, José Paiva, Sabina Gallina, Artur Fedorowski, Saidi A Mohiddin, Giovanni Donato Aquaro, Steffen E Petersen
Type: Article
Published: 29 August 2019, European Heart

Impaired Production and Diurnal Regulation of Vascular RvDn-3 DPA Increase Systemic Inflammation and Cardiovascular Disease

Authors: Romain A. Colas, Patricia R. Souza, Mary E. Walker, Maudrian Burton, Zbigniew Zaslona, Annie M. Curtis, Raquel M. Marques, Jesmond Dalli
Type: Article
Published: 5 Feb 2018, Circulation Research

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