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Barts BioResource

Patients and Public

What is the Barts BioResource?

The purpose of the Barts BioResource is to allow research into health and diseases. The Barts BioResource is supported by the National Institute for Health Research, which is part of the National Health Service (NHS). The Barts BioResource is very valuable because it will help us to find new ways of identifying, treating and preventing diseases and improving the health of patients now and in the future.

Can I join as a Barts Health NHS Trust patient?

We would like to invite you to join the Barts BioResource. You are being provided with this opportunity because you are a patient of Barts Health NHS Trust and the aim is to collect health information for the Barts BioResource from as many patients as possible. When you join the Barts BioResource, you are also eligible to register your consent that you are interested in being contacted to participate in future research opportunities that are available to suitable participants of the Barts BioResource.

To ensure that the Barts BioResource contains a comprehensive range of health-related resources, you are also invited to agree to donate blood, swabs, urine, faeces and/or soft/solid tissue samples as these may provide significant and potentially life-changing insights into health and disease-related research.

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