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COVID-19: PCR screening of asymptomatic health-care workers at London hospital

11 May 2020

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St Bartholomews Hospital atrium

The Barts BioResource is proud to announce that our Barts BioResource research nurse lead Maudrian Burton has co-authored the first publication arising from the healthcare worker COVID-19 research study.

This first research output is a letter to the Lancet which has an impact factor of 59.1 – the Lancet is a superbly important and well regarded medical journal. The key message from the letter is: “Taken together, these data suggest that the rate of asymptomatic infection among HCWs [healthcare workers] more likely reflects general community transmission than in-hospital exposure.”

Maudrian and her Barts BioResource team helped in a small but important way set up and recruit to the COVID-19 consortium. Congratulations all.

The letter to the Lancet can be found here.